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We partner with area school districts and youth groups to provide Sexual Risk Avoidance and Boundaries education. 

Sexual Risk Avoidance is a research-backed approach to the primary prevention model. It teaches youth to avoid the risks associated with sexual activity by presenting concepts such as decision-making skills, self-esteem, and resisting substance abuse, among other things. The program pairs well with existing school sexual education and health courses.

Boundaries is a program which teaches about healthy personal and relational limits. Its goal is to establish a positive framework for making healthy decisions and avoiding risky or unhealthy ones.


Like all of our services…

. . . our school outreach services are provided 100% free of charge. For questions or to arrange a presentation, click the “Schedule a Presentation” button below or contact us at:
Phone: call 563-557-3123 ext. 105

Our Educational Programs

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Program for grades 5 – 6

GOOD DESIGN is a reproductive health program.  This program is presented to students in gender-separate settings to provide the ability for open conversation and discussion on sensitive topics such as puberty and physical body changes.

Program for grades 7 – 8

UNDER CONSTRUCTION addresses social and emotional topics, such as establishing healthy relationships, effects of social media on the mind, sexting/Snapchat, cyberbullying, and an introduction to the risks of sexual activity.

Program for grades 9 -college

BOUNDARIES focuses on the different boundaries we place in life and how to establish appropriate healthy social, emotional, physical, and sexual boundaries. The issue of human trafficking is addressed, as well as tips on how to stay safe. 

Program for grades 9 -college

LOVE VS INFATUATION focuses on the difference between love and infatuation. We talk about when infatuation starts and how it can lead to love, die out, or turn into an unhealthy relationship.

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