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Clarity Clinic would like to assist you in educating your students and their parents on the benefits of SEXUAL INTEGRITY. The programs we offer are free educational services perfect for classrooms or youth groups! Each program is designed to inform and educate students on the factors related to sexual activity and healthy relationships. The program pairs well with sexual education and health courses currently in place in both middle and high school settings.


A certified Clarity Clinic educator will present and provide the most up to date statistics related to topics outlined. SEXUAL INTEGRITY programs are divided into two 45 minute presentations. The classroom teacher determines which presentations are appropriate for each class.


Clarity Clinic welcomes the opportunity to partner with you in providing students and their parents with a positive perspective on Sexual Integrity in today’s world. For more information on our presentation offerings, please contact Clarity Clinic at:
Phone: call 563-557-3123 ext. 105


Program for grades 5th & 6th

GOOD DESIGN is a reproductive health program for 5th & 6th graders.  This program is presented to students in gender separate settings to provide the ability for open conversation and discussion on sensitive topics related to puberty and physical body changes.

Program for grades 7th & 8th

UNDER CONSTRUCTION program addresses social and emotional topics, such as establishing healthy relationships, effects of social media on the mind, sexting/Snapchat, cyberbullying and an introduction to the risks of sexual activity.

Program for grades 9th thru 11th

SOLID STRUCTURE program discusses the risks related to sexual activity, including emotional distress, unplanned pregnancy, birth and STDs. Additional topics may include sexting, cyberbullying, suicide, and date rape drugs.

Program for grades 9th thru college

BOUNDARIES program focuses on the different boundaries we place in life and how to establish appropriate healthy social, emotional, physical and sexual boundaries. The issue of human trafficking in Iowa is addressed, as well as tips on how to stay safe. The boundaries program is offered as a large group presentation OR a personal one-on-one session.For more information on Boundaries, click here.

Program for grades 10th through college

PREGO PROJECT is a program that discusses substance abuse and STDs during pregnancy. Smoking Susie, our model, visually demonstrates the effects of smoking on the fetus during pregnancy.

Program for Parent and Guardians

FOUNDATIONS is a support to all care givers, encouraging them to be actively involved with youth in establishing boundaries and building healthy relationships within the home. Awareness to the dangers of social media is also provided.


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