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Abortion Information

The two types of abortions in the United States are a medical abortion or surgical abortion. 

  1. Medical abortion: RU-486 (abortion pill) is a series of drugs administered on two days.  8% of medical abortions fail up to 49 days gestation.  17% fail at 50-56 days gestation and 23% fail at 57-63 days gestation.  If medical abortion fails you may need to have a surgical abortion. Research associates the use of the abortion pill during the first trimester with certain types of birth defects among medication abortion failures.
  2. Surgical abortion:
    • 1st trimester D&C/Dilation & Curettage (make an appointment for more information)
    • 2nd trimester D&E/Dilation & Evacuation (make an appointment for more information)

It is important to have accurate information regarding abortion and the viability of your pregnancy.  31% of pregnancies are not viable. A surgical abortion would not end an ectopic pregnancy.   If you have an ectopic pregnancy you need emergent medical care.  A medical abortion may not end an ectopic pregnancy either. An ultrasound can determine if your pregnancy is viable.  You need accurate information about the gestational age of your pregnancy to determine which method you may perhaps undergo.  

    Possible side effects of abortion include:
    1. Common include cramping, nausea, sweating, feeling faint, depression, anxiety, diarrhea
    2. Less common include heavy or prolonged bleeding, blood clots,  damage to the cervix, infection, and perforation of the uterus. 

We do not make any money from any choice you make.  We are unbiased and provide you a safe environment to educate yourself on all of your options. 

If you have experienced abortion we offer support.  Find out more information here: Post Abortion Counsel Support









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