For Men

  •  If you think your girlfriend is pregnant, our clinic provides pregnancy tests delivered by a medical professional.
  • We also provide Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds to confirm a viable pregnancy. 31% of all pregnancies are not viable. The best way to determine viability is with an ultrasound exam.
  • Additional Resources offered:
    • Referral for DNA testing
    • Pregnancy option consultations
    • Fatherhood coaching and education (individual and group settings available)
  • We partner with the National Fatherhood Initiative to provide content and educational programs.

Please contact us for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9 :00am - 3pm
24 hour Helpline: 800-712-HELP

Our Address:

3365 Hillcrest Rd.
Dubuque, Iowa 52002

Limitations of Service and Commitment of Care
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